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Preparing for emergencies

Preparing for Emergencies

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time, sometimes with little or no warning. Are you and your community prepared?

Emergency Management in Victoria includes more than just responding to emergencies and disasters. Whether it’s planning your holiday driving to reduce your risk of a car accident, or creating an emergency plan for your family, adequate preparation and planning are vitally important.

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is committed to building resilience in the broader Victorian community and experience shows that those who plan and prepare can reduce the impact of the emergency and may recover quicker afterwards.

To help individuals and communities adequately plan, prepare and stay safe during events, VICSES has developed a number of community education campaigns


Although floods are one of the most predictable natural hazards, they can also be one of the most destructive. Visit our FloodSafe page to learn about how to you can prepare for floods.

Your local flood information

Use the interactive map to search for localised FloodSafe information across Victoria. Find out about the history of flooding, what warnings are issued and how you should prepare and respond to flood events in your local area.

Caravan park information

Emergency Management Planning (EMP) information for caravan park owners. Log in to the online planning tool to complete your multi hazard EMP and download useful FloodSafe information for caravan parks.


Storms are the most frequent natural hazard to affect the Victorian community, and cause miillions of dollars in damage each year. Visit our StormSafe page to find out some simple steps that you can take to prevent storm damage to your property.


Although the chance of a tsunami in Victoria is small, there are a number of coastal locations that could be affected if a tsunami occurs. Would you know what to do? Visit our TsunamiSafe page to learn more.


Although it is true that Victoria and Australia have a relatively low level of earthquakes, we do actually experience an above-average number of earthquakes compared with other similarly stable continental regions. Our QuakeSafe page can help you learn what to do if an earthqauke occurs.

Driver Reviver

Every year, hundreds of people die on Victoria's roads in accidents caused by fatigue. Driver Reviver is a national campaign aimed at reducing the road toll by offering motorists a safe place to stop and refresh. Visit our Driver Reviver page to learn more about the campaign.