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Drive safely over the holidays

Published 20/12/2012

As you hop into your car this summer to go to a Christmas party with friends or family or head down to the beach, how will you drive to your destination? Are your children in the car with you? Will your loved ones be meeting you at your destination?

SEs and police are encouring drivers to be safe.

SES and Victoria Police are joining forces to promote road safety this summer holiday period, and are asking the public to think about the tragedy of road accidents and their consequences.

Bellarine SES Deputy Controller Rachel Vella says: “We implore people to take care on the roads. Take the extra time to arrive safely. Please think of others and what impact your actions can have on many different people by one careless act of driving. This way everyone can enjoy time with friends and family.”

Senior Sergeant Ferrara, Officer In Charge of the Bellarine Police Station said police would be placing a strong focus on traffic enforcement through highly visible patrols, including police from the four police stations on Bellarine Peninsula - Bellarine, Queenscliff, Drysdale and Portarlington.

“A series of road safety operations are planned as part of the Summer Stay campaign which will see an emphasis placed on detection around the factors we know contribute to fatal and serious injury collisions, in particular speed and drink or drug driving,” S/Sgt Ferarra said.

“In addition to these operations, four ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) operations will also be conducted across the whole of the Bellarine Peninsula through December and January.

“These operations will detect unregistered vehicles and unlicensed or suspended drivers.

“Chances are, if you are local or a visitor to the Bellarine over the summer and break the traffic laws, you will be caught.”

SES volunteers are called out all too often to horrific accidents. When you see figures in the news on the number of deaths on the roads, it can seem like just another statistic. But to those in the emergency services or anyone who has been touched by road trauma, it is not just another statistic. It is a person in pain with family and friends whose lives will never be the same again. While you may be sitting down celebrating with friends and family this holiday period, emergency service personnel could be responding to accidents and all the horror that entails.

“It's important to recognise, sadly, that members from both the Bellarine police stations and the SES will go to a collision scene, probably several, over the summer months. Within an hour or two of that collision, police will visit a home to tell the family of the loss of their son, daughter, father or mother. From the moment that message is delivered the lives of those family members will be changed forever,” S/Sgt Ferrara said.

“I ask that the public think about the tragedy of road trauma and its consequences. Talk about it with your family members and maybe we can minimise the collisions this summer and through next year."