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Play the FloodSafe Game

Published 07/05/2013

A new interactive game to help children and their families learn about the dangerous things lurking in floodwater has been launched during FloodSafe Week.

The FloodSafe game - which can be played on your computer or tablet - is part of a new-look section on the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) website for students, which will also arrive during FloodSafe Week.

This year's FloodSafe campaign aims to remind adults and children alike that floodwater is a dangerous place to swim and play. Not only because people can drown in floodwater, but because floodwater contains dangerous and harmful substances like animal faeces and toxic chemicals, sharp objects like glass and barbed wire that you just can’t see and yucky stuff like used disposable nappies, dead and decaying animals and medical waste like syringes.  

The interactive game is easy to play and is designed to educate children and teenagers that floodwater contains things that you just can’t see. Gamers use a microscope to peer beneath the murky floodwaters to find dangerous and toxic items. The more things they can find in 60 seconds, the more points they score. It’s a fun way to learn important safety messages.

Research has shown that children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable in an emergency such as a flood and need to be educated and reminded of the risks. Males between 15 and their late 20s are particularly exposed due to high risk taking behaviour. While the FloodSafe game is designed for young people aged 8-14  its fun and has broad appeal to kids of all ages.

Make sure to try out the game!