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Interactive map delivers flood intelligence

Published 03/07/2013

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is continuing its quest to deliver flood intelligence information into the hands of every Victorian, with the launch of a new interactive map on the SES website.

SES has released a range of flood intelligence resources, including a number of Local Flood Guides for residents and business owners as well as Emergency Plans for municipalities.

The new resources translate flood intelligence into specific, understandable and localised information.

The interactive map will allow every Victorian to easily find the information that’s most relevant for their community.

Local Flood Guides are being created for communities that are at a high risk of flooding, have suffered severe flooding in the past or have specifically requested a Guide.

Guides are targeted at the community and include practical tips on what to expect from flooding at a local level and how people can prepare themselves.

Municipal Flood Emergency Plans provide a detailed outline of the potential impact of floods and what processes will be followed to combat and prevent the consequences.

Communities can use these plans to take forecasted rainfalls and river heights to get a good idea of flood affects.