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Knocking on 749 doors in Frankston

Published 09/11/2012

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers will visit homes in Frankston this month to provide residents with information on how to prepare for the threat of flooding.

Members of the Frankston SES Unit are working in partnership with Melbourne Water and Frankston City Council to knock on 749 doors in Frankston, focussing on residential properties that have been identified as being at risk of flooding during significant weather events.

SES Community Resilience Manager David Goldfinch said Floods can occur with little or no warning, so it is vital for the community to be prepared.

"SES is committed to building a resilient Victoria. To this end, SES and Melbourne Water are committed to delivering 10,000 doorknocks throughout metropolitan Melbourne," he said.

"The doorknock campaign is being delivered across 38 municipal areas throughout Melbourne. The number of doorknocks we will undertake varies in each region depending on the typography of the land."

"We want everyone to know how they can be prepared for flood, and what they should do to keep themselves safe in an emergency. Our experience shows that people who are properly prepared suffer fewer ill effects from flood and recover more quickly."

"Our SES volunteers are looking forward to meeting you for a short chat and to tell you about how you can prepare your home."

SES volunteers will be easily identifiable by their orange uniforms and identification badges. They will not be asking for donations and there is no obligation to invite them inside.

For more information on how to prepare for flood, including how to put together an emergency plan and kit for your home or business, visit