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Malvern SES preparing for Disaster Rescue Competition

Published 17/06/2013

Malvern SES is preparing to represent Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) at this year's National Disaster Rescue Competition (NDRC), taking place at the Fiskville CFA training ground in Victoria in September.

The NDRC is a biannual rescue competition, offering a unique opportunity for SES volunteers to pit their skills, knowledge and ability against representative teams from other states in the spirit of friendly competition.

During the competition, teams will be faced with a series of emergency scenarios and judged on how they respond to the situation.

Scenarios are based on the general rescue training that all operational SES volunteers undertake. Previous years’ competitions have featured scenarios including building collapse, plane crash, mass causality incidents, rescue from heights, stabilising damaged walls and scaffolding collapse. 

The Malvern SES Unit won the State General Rescue Competition in 2009 and went on to represent SES at the NDRC held in Queensland later that year, challenging their rescue skills against the best across the country and bringing back significant experience and learning to the Unit.

The 2013 team from Malvern SES has commenced an intensive training schedule to prepare for the competition.Malvern NDRC Team

Team members Peter Duncan, Victor Liaw, Mark Parish, Jennifer Roberts, Lucy Rucinska-Stanek, Tim Udorovic and Ryan Melville (emergency) will be supported by Team Manager Phillip Munslow and Team Coordinator Sally Duncan.

Team Manager and Malvern SES Unit Controller Phillip Munslow says the team is excited to participate again.

"This is a great opportunity for our team to practice their skills in a realistic, high pressure emergency environment," he said.

“It’s the closest scenario possible to dealing with a real emergency.

“There will be live people playing the casualties, and they will act the part. The will also look the part, including being made up with fake injuries.

"We are expecting the scenarios to be intense, and to really test our team work, our rescue skills and our decision making under pressure."

Mr Munslow says the Malvern team is preparing to be a strong contender in this year’s competition.

“Our team members are all senior members of the unit, with great variety of operational and life experience.

"We have a solid training plan and we are being supported by all of our fellow Malvern SES volunteers, as well as having expert trainers coming in to help us prepare for the competition in September.

“Our team goal is to exceed our own expectations on the day, but we also know that getting to be part of this already makes us winners.

“It will be great to be able to take our learnings back to our unit, and share the experience and lessons in our Unit training.”