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Peer Support Day

Published 22/10/2012

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is recognising Peer Support Day today as part of Safe Work Australia Week.

In honour of the occasion, SES publicly acknowledges the dedication and hard work of all our Peers and Chaplains who have five or more years of experience.

The service wishes to thank the following for their important work across the state: Chaplains Major Arthur Ford, Ken Rookes and Father David Turner; and Peers Michelle Olinder, Nelson Barwise, Julie Jochs, Terry Fisher, Cliff Naeff, Christine Jewell, Graeme Phipps, Kath Paynter, Liz Kerr, Bev Jones, Leanne Howell, Di Dale, Joy Etwell, Jenni Bond-Nelms, Lisa Wise, Wendy Hayes, Chantal Marsh and Kelly Pratt.

SES Chaplains perform a variety of roles for SES volunteers and staff. These include supporting and working with Peers when required. Volunteers can find themselves in stressful situations when responding to emergencies, and Chaplains and Peers are there to support them through that.

Please join with SES, our volunteers and staff in thanking them.