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SES shares flood intelligence

Published 10/05/2013

During FloodSafe Week Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) has released a range of resources aimed at helping local communities understand their flood risk.

Many Victorians have been impacted by and continue to live with the risk of floods. The new Local Flood Guides and Municipal Flood Emergency Plans capture lessons learned from previous events and provide the information communities need to prepare themselves for flooding.

SES staff and volunteers have worked with Councils and Catchment Management Authorities to create these Municipal Flood Emergency Plans and Local Flood Guides.

The new resources translate flood intelligence into specific, understandable and localised information.

Local Flood Guides are being created for communities that are at a high risk of flooding, have suffered severe flooding in the past or have specifically requested a Guide. Guides are targeted at the community and include practical tips on what to expect from flooding at a local level and how people can prepare themselves

Municipal Flood Emergency Plans provide a detailed outline of the potential impact of floods and what processes will be followed to combat and prevent the consequences. They include a wealth of information on probable flood heights, expected local impacts and steps that can be taken to plan a response. Communities can use these plans to take forecasted rainfalls and river heights to get a good idea of flood affects. The 14 completed plans are available to the public online. The SES is working towards a plan being place for all 79 of Victoria’s Councils by the end of June 2014..

SES CEO Mary Barry said that, together, the guides and plans provided a wealth of information for the community.

“Our experience shows that people who are prepared for flood suffer fewer ill effects and are able to bounce back more quickly.

“These plans and guides are valuable tools to help Victorians prepare, as they provide information and insight of a level communities have not had in the past. We see these guides as working with our existing information, including warnings and social media, to give people as much information as possible to empower them to be ready.

“I’d encourage everyone to visit the SES website and view the plans. There are many there already and more being published all the time.”