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Tsunami: The Ultimate Guide

Published 20/12/2013

Many Australians are unaware of the risk of tsunami. With 50 per cent of our population living within seven kilometres of the coast, and with these numbers swelling during summer and holiday months, the possibility of a serious tsunami in the future is real.

To increase awareness about tsunami risk and preparedness, the Australian Tsunami Advisory Group has put together an interactive online guide.

The guide covers practical tsunami information using videos, animations and spectacular images.  The resource takes you through:

  • Tsunami Basics
  • Australian Tsunami Impacts
  • Warning Systems
  • Marine Threat Tsunami
  • Land Threat Tsunami
  • Preparing for a Tsunami

Follow the link below to view and use this resource.

Victoria State Emergency Service is responsible for ensuring communities are prepared for and ready to respond to tsunamis. For more information about tsunami, please visit the SES TsunamiSafe page.