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VICSES will stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence against women

Published 25/11/2015

As frontline emergency service workers, Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) members are well aware of the endemic problem of violence against women in Australia, and refuse to accept it as a way of life.

white ribbonThat is why VICSES members have long supported White Ribbon Day as women have a right to live in safety, free from all forms of men’s violence.

VICSES CEO and White Ribbon Ambassador, Stephen Griffin has taken a stand to end men’s violence against women.

“VICSES is in the unique position to make a difference, often working with communities during times of stress during natural disasters when instances of sexual assault or domestic and family violence has been found to rise”.

“The goal is to drive cultural change and recognise the vital role of, and actions required by, all men to prevent violence against women”.

The latest research suggests that one in four women will experience physical or sexual violence by their partner, boyfriend or date. This deeply disturbing fact is only one part of the bigger story surrounding domestic violence.

The White Ribbon campaign runs year-long, culminating today. Throughout the year and particularly in November, White Ribbon events are held across Australia to educate and raise awareness about men’s violence against women. They reflect the power of the community to drive change.

Previous CEO of VICSES, Mary Barry, has this week been appointed as CEO of Our Watch, a national organisation established to prevent violence against women and children.