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Victoria SES goes mobile

Published 02/05/2013

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) has launched its new mobile website, putting emergency information in the hands of every Victorian.

One third of visitors accessing during an emergency use a mobile device and the trend is increasing.

The new SES website features a responsive design that automatically sizes itself based on the screen it is viewed on, creating a clearer, quicker browsing experience for users of mobile phones and tablets.

The site offers a range of information aimed at helping Victorians prepare for the threat of flood, storm, earthquake and tsunami in their community.

It is during large-scale emergencies and incidents, however, when receives the most traffic, according to SES CEO Mary Barry.

“The community has come to rely on the SES website for timely, tailored and relevant warnings regarding flood and storm emergencies,” she said.

“Traffic to our website increases significantly during any major event, as does the percentage of visitors who are viewing via a mobile device – rising from 12 per cent to 35 per cent.

“Our focus is on creating a resilient Victoria. Mobile delivery of data is especially important in emergency management. Desktop computers may be inaccessible due to phone line or power failure during a flood or storm, for example, while the mobile web remains a source of information.

“We’ve chosen to build a mobile site, rather than an app, to ensure our site is available to everyone regardless of the device they use.

Victoria SES utilises a range of channels to communicate emergency information, ranging from newsletters handed out at community meetings to social networks and the Emergency Alert telephone warning system.

“This is another way of informing Victorians and we’ll use every channel available to us,” Ms Barry said.