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Municipal Emergency Management Plan audits

Under legislation, the Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is required to audit Municipal Emergency Management Plans (MEMPlan) every three years at a minimum.

Over the past few years, SES has been working with the Municipal Association of Victoria, individual Councils and other stakeholders including Victoria Police, Department of Human Services and other emergency service organisations to continuously improve the auditing process. The changes to the way audits are conducted ensure that a standardised yet adaptable process is in place to meet the needs of municipalities.

The inclusion of a multi-agency panel will facilitate discussion regarding the audit result to the relevant municipality. It will also provide an opportunity for discussion between agencies, thus contributing to a greater sharing of knowledge and innovative practises. This will include the provision of enhanced feedback to councils regarding best practice emergency planning.

Additionally, a MEMPlan Audit Workbook (Audit Tool and Evidence Guide) has been developed to serve as a tool to assist Councils prepare for the audit. It identifies compliance requirements with examples of evidence required by the auditors.

The audit process has been developed to improve and streamline the audit, and it sets the scene for a more consistent, rigorous and consultative approach to audits. If you have any questions or comments regarding the new process or documentation please contact your local SES Regional Officer – Emergency Management (ROEM) or email to