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What volunteers do

Whether providing on the ground support or raising community awareness, the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) values people who can use their varied skills and experiences to act in a wide range of roles.

Operational roles

We rely on our volunteers to provide on the ground support in emergencies, from responding to natural disasters such as flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake, to supporting other emergency services organisations.

Volunteering in an operational role may include:

  • General rescue in response to flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake
  • Rescue from road incidents
  • Operating rescue boats
  • Search and rescue in urban and other environments
  • Managing and directing traffic during emergencies
  • Using specialised rope rescue equipment

Non-operational roles

In addition to volunteering in operations, VICSES offers many support roles that assist units and help you to build professional skills.

Non-operational volunteering roles may include:

  • Administration and finance
  • Fundraising
  • Media and public relations
  • Community education