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About SES warnings

Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is the control agency for flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake in Victoria. For warnings and advice, please visit our Current Emergency Information page.

Detailed information regarding the types of warnings and notifications issued for each emergency event can be found on the following pages:

Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert Logo

During times of emergencies such as extreme weather events, your landline or mobile phone may be used to deliver a critical warning. This 'Emergency Alert' phone or text message is another way for authorities to inform you on what you may need to do. If you do not understand the message, ask a family member, friend or neighbour for assistance.

Visit for further information.

Standard Emergency Warning Signal


The Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) is a distinctive "wailing" siren which may be broadcast on radio, television, or public areas such as shopping centres or sports grounds. The use of SEWS is intended to attract the listener’s attention prior to the broadcast of an important safety message.

Visit for further information.

Community Sirens

Victoria has introduced a new policy, which means community sirens, including existing CFA Brigade sirens, will be used as part of Victoria’s warning system for all hazards – including flood, fire and storm.

A prolonged, five-minute signal will indicate that a current emergency has been identified in the local area and people should seek further information from sources such as Victoria’s emergency broadcasters, websites, flood and fire information lines and social media.

Sirens are an additional tool for the emergency services to communicate with the community and are not a stand-alone warning system.

The Use of Sirens for Brigade and Community Alerting policy explains how sirens will be used in the future and also provides guidelines for communities that want to apply to have a siren.

Visit for further information.

VICSES Information Line

Emergency information is also available by calling the VICSES Information Line on 1300 VICSES (that's 1300 842 737). This service is only available during large-scale emergencies.

Visit our Emergency Contacts page for further information regarding this service.