Our Organisation

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is a volunteer-based organisation, providing emergency assistance to minimise the impact of emergencies and strengthen the community’s capacity to plan, respond and recover, when emergencies occur. 

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null Our Organisation

Our Vision:

Safer Communities – Together.

Our Mission:

Partner with communities, government, other agencies and businesses to provide timely and effective emergency management services, building community preparedness, disaster resilience and contributing to risk prevention.

Our commitment:

VICSES pledges to adopt contemporary approaches to our service delivery, and to strengthen the capability of Our People and the Victorian community, alongside the services, systems and structures that support them.

We commit to:

  • Collaborating with our community and partners in providing local services to meet local needs.

  • Developing resilient communities through the development of strong connections, community partnerships and agile operating models, helping to keep all Victorians safe and to reduce the consequences of before, during and after emergencies.

We stand by reviewing our progress annually to realise opportunities, inform decisions, and to positively influence the focus and direction of what we have committed to in achieving better visibility of our performance.


VICSES: An Introduction is our corporate profile, which highlights our unique strengths and expertise, acknowledges the significant contributions of our volunteers, and outlines our current challenges now, and into the future.