Safety Videos

Li'L Larrikins are a group of friends having big adventures and learning about natural hazards in a small outback town. In these videos you will get to meet Amy, Trev and Jimmy as well as Tucka a crazy Irish rabbit, Maddy the Koala and Bob the dog who thinks he's a superhero.

Playing in Floodwater

Never swim or play in flood water.  There can be lots of really yucky and dangerous things floating just under the surface.


Emergency Plan

Every family should have an emergency plan and every member of the family should know what it is. Even kids!


Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit should include a torch, a radio, spare batteries, first aid kit, a pair of rubber gloves, your home emergency plan as well as food and water for three days.  You never know what kind of emergency may happen, so it’s important to have a complete kit, just in case.


Acting Early

Storms are dangerous and can change quickly.  It is important to listen to warnings and act early to prepare for storms.


Cleaning Up

It is important to clean up before a big storm or cyclone.  Toys and other things can blow around and even hit houses or people if they are left lying around.


Driving in Floodwater

Never drive in flood water.  The water moves very fast and the current is very strong making it dangerous for cars and people.


Tsunami Warning

Tsunamis are powerful and dangerous waves.  If you hear a tsunami warning at the beach you need to move to higher ground.


Staying Inside

Just because it seems safe outside doesn’t mean a cyclone is over.  Listen to warnings and always check to make sure it’s safe to go outside after a cyclone.


Flash Flooding

Heavy rain can lead to flash flooding.  A low creek or river can become dangerous very quickly in bad weather.


During a Storm

It’s ok to be scared during a big storm. Make sure to stay inside and don’t stand under trees.


Further Information

To download the lesson plans that correspond to these videos, please visit our Lesson plans page.