Flood information for the Campaspe Shire Council, encompassing local flood guides for Echuca and Rochester as well as the Campaspe Shire Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

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SES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain local flood risks for communities at risk. This includes advice for communities on how to prepare and respond to flood events and who to contact in the event of a flood.

SES has also developed Municipal Flood Emergency Plans to prepare, respond to and recover from flood events within Municipality.

Flood history

The Campaspe Shire Council has a history of flooding including a significant flood event in January 2011 which impacted the townships of Rochester and Echuca and vast extents of rural areas resulting in extensive damage.

For example, the January 2011 flood was the worst in Rochester and Echuca's recorded history, where 80% of Rochester and its surrounding rural areas flooded.

Households and business should refer to their Local Flood Guide or Campaspe Shire Municipal Flood Emergency Plan for more information.

Municipal Flood Emergency Plan

This plan will be available soon.

Other links

Your local SES unit is located at 5 Victoria Street, Rochester.

For more information, contact the Loddon Mallee (North West) Region Headquarters.

For information on flood warnings, see the SES Warnings page.

Visit the Campaspe Shire Council website.