Darebin City Council

Flood information for the Darebin City Council, encompassing a Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

Darebin Map

SES has also developed Municipal Flood Emergency Plans to prepare, respond to and recover from flood events within Municipality. 

Flood history

Darebin has been impacted by a number of significant flood events in recent years including in February 2011, February 2005 and December 2003.

Large and severe floods within the municipality generally occurs as a result of a moist warm airflow from northern Australia bringing moderate to heavy rainfall over a period of 12 hours or more following a prolonged period of general rainfall.

High intensity rainfall such as associated with thunderstorms giving average rainfall rates of more than 200mm/hour or more is likely to cause flash flooding and/or overland flows, across the urbanised parts of the municipality.

Municipal Flood Emergency Plan

Darebin Municipal Storm and Flood Emergency Plan.pdf (13.3Mb) - Updated 19/05/20


Your local SES unit is:

  • Northcote Unit, 2l Wingrove Street, Alphington.

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