Greater Shepparton City Council

Flood information for the Greater Shepparton City Council, encompassing local flood guides and a Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

Shepparton mapSES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain local flood risks for communities at risk. This includes advice for communities on how to prepare and respond to flood events and who to contact in the event of a flood.

SES has also developed Municipal Flood Emergency Plans to prepare, respond to and recover from flood events within the Municipality. 

Flood history

The Greater Shepparton City Council has a history of flooding including in 1870, 1916, 1974, 1993 and more recently in 2010:

  • 1974 was a Goulburn River dominant flood
  • 1993 was a Broken River dominant flood
  • 2010 was a flood which saw gauges on the Goulburn, Broken and Seven Creeks peak at major level. During this flood, 13 houses and 31 buildings were flooded, 620 houses were isolated and more than 60 people attended the relief and recovery centre

Floods like this or worse could occur again. Even if your property is not affected by floodwater, you may be impacted indirectly by road closures, isolation and disruption to essential services including telephones, power and sewerage. Flooding from the rivers in this area usually lasts about four to seven days depending on the rainfall. Roads and properties can also flood due to water backing up in the stormwater drain system.

Flash flooding caused by heavy rainfall can also occur in low-lying areas, especially in the industrial and business areas of Mooroopna and Shepparton East and around the Doyle’s Road- Midland Highway roundabout. These flash floods only last a few hours but can be dangerous and cause extensive damage.

The lead time to respond to a flood event may be limited. All households and businesses at risk of flooding should develop an emergency plan and beware of their flood risk.

Households and business should refer to their Local Flood Guide or Municipal Flood Emergency Plan for more information.

Municipal Flood Emergency Plan

Other links

Your local SES unit is located at Martin St & Russell St, Tatura.

For more information, contact the Hume (North East) Regional Headquarters.

For information on flood warnings, see the SES Warnings page.

Visit the Greater Shepparton City Council website.