Surf Coast Shire Council

Flood information for the Surf Coast Shire Council, encompassing local flood guides and a Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

SES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain local flood risks for communities at risk. This includes advice for communities on how to prepare and respond to flood events and who to contact in the event of a flood.

SES has also developed Municipal Flood Emergency Plans to prepare, respond to and recover from flood events within Municipality.

Flood history

The Municipality of Surf Coast Shire ranges from inland agricultural land south over the Otway Ranges to the coastal fringe of the Great Ocean Road. The major river and creek systems that are subject to periodic flooding are along the coast, with the exception of the inland catchment of the Barwon River. The coastal river and creeks consist of sand blocked estuarine systems that are occasionally opened naturally, but in general need to be manually opened. The other listed rivers and creeks can be subject to flash flooding.

There are approximately 25 named waterways, including rivers, creeks and water bodies within the Surf Coast Shire. The main waterway within the shire is the Barwon River, which begins with the Colac Otway Shire to the west and traverses its way through the Surf Coast Shire to the north and into the Golden Plains Shire and then on to and through the City of Greater Geelong, before it discharges into Bass Strait.

There are many waterways that begin and end within the shire, either discharging into Bass Strait or flowing into other waterways. The waterways within the Otway Ranges are short in distance and may be susceptible to flash flooding or short duration floods.

The lead time to respond to a flood event may be limited. All households and businesses at risk of flooding should develop an emergency plan and beware of their flood risk.

Local Flood Guides

Municipal Flood Emergency Plan

Surf Coast Municipal Flood Emergency Plan (14.5MB)

VICSES units

Your local VICSES units are:

  • Torquay Unit: 130 Messamate Road, Torquay.
  • Winchelsea Unit: 325 Mousley Drive, Winchelsea.
  • Lorne Unit: Corner of Smith and William Streets, Lorne.

More information

For more information, contact your local South West regional office.

For flood warnings, see the VICSES Warnings page.

Visit the Surf Coast Shire Council website.