Volunteers who lead emergency response

VICSES volunteers respond to many different types of emergency situations. These are called ‘incidents’, and there is a national framework for incident management that emergency service organisations follow. Follow this link for more information on this national framework: https://www.afac.com.au/initiative/aiims.

VICSES volunteers who have successfully gained qualifications in general search and rescue and other more specialist skills are encouraged to undertake further training to develop their capability in the leadership and management of emergency incidents.

Some key roles in Incident Management include:

  • Being a member of an Incident Management Team.
  • Attending and working at an Incident Control Point.
  • Logistics.
  • Mapping.
  • Issuing public information and warnings.
  • Media.
  • Staging Area Management.
  • Division Sector Command.

Key tasks

  • Take control to effectively manage an emergency incident, with a focus on the safety of all involved. 
  • Reducing the impacts and consequences of emergencies.

Different levels of physical fitness will be required depending on the circumstances. 

Units requiring this role

All units encourage experienced volunteers with identified capabilities to pursue incident management qualifications.

What you will love about these roles

  • Having the skills and training to take charge in an emergency.
  • Being one of the first on scene during a severe weather event.
  • Helping emergency service volunteers to do what they train for and achieve great outcomes.
  • The rewarding feeling of helping the community during emergencies, saving lives and property.

For more information about becoming a volunteer, exploring a wide range of opportunities available to you in developing new skills, forming new friendships, accepting high levels of responsibility and enjoying the team spirit of VICSES: