Media releases and images from the AAMI equipment handovers in the North West region are available to download.

Handover dates:

  • Castlemaine: Tuesday 18 August at 11.00am.
  • Woomelang: Tuesday 18 August at 7.00pm.

For further information please contact or phone the VICSES Media Line on 1300 783 933.

150818A_0044 - Bendigo_th.jpg Bendigo Unit

Bendigo SES members (L-R) Lachie Worn and Darren Masters

150818A_0030 - Bendigo RSU_th.jpg Bendigo Regional Support Unit

Bendigo Regional Support Unit member Ian Ralston 

150818A_0011 - Castlemaine_th.jpg Castlemaine Unit

Castlemaine SES members (L-R) Paul Fitzpatrick, Orlena Charlston and Bob Pratt

150818A_0036 - Dunolly_th.jpg Dunolly Unit

Dunolly SES members (L-R) Rick Young and Bronwen George

150818A_0049 - Echuca_th.jpg Echuca Unit

Echuca members (L-R) Mark Lees and Bridget Burke

150818A_0005 - Gisborne_th.jpg Gisborne Unit

Gisborne SES member Rex Pilgrim 

150818A_0038 - Heathcote_th.jpg Heathcote Unit

Heathcote SES members (L-R) Steve Johnson and Steve Kern 

150818A_0018 - Kyabram_th.jpg Kyabram Unit

Kyabram SES members (L-R) Brian Freemantle and Beth Murray

150818A_0025 - Marong_th.jpg Marong Unit

Marong SES members (L-R) Robin Neller and Kevin Cahill 

150818A_0026 - Maryborough_th.jpg Maryborough Unit

Maryborough SES members (L-R) Cedric Appleby and Peter Borg 

150818A_0062 - Castlemaine Group_th.jpg Rochester Unit

Rochester SES members attend the Castlemaine equipment handover

150818A_0033 - Rushworth_th.jpg Rushworth Unit

Rushworth SES members (L-R) Steven Wilson and Bill Perry

150818A_0008 - Wedderburn_th.jpg Wedderburn Unit

Wedderburn SES members Phil Carey

150818A_0039 - Woodend_th.jpg Woodend Unit

Woodend SES members (L-R) Steve Nangle and Clive Hubert

Woomelang Group_th.jpg Birchip Unit

Birchip SES members attend the Woomelang equipment handover

150818B_0011 - Kerang_th.jpg Kerang Unit

Kerang SES members (L-R) Rob Martins and Jamie Macri 

150818B_0012 - Mildura_th.jpg Mildura Unit

Mildura SES members (L-R) Michael Hellwege and Michael Buccheri

150818B_0024 - Murrayville_th.jpg Murrayville Unit

Murrayville SES member Ned Wyatt 

150818B_0007 - Ouyen_th.jpg Ouyen Unit

Ouyen SES members (L-R) Bernadette Fidge and Leanne Boyd 

150818B_0009 - Robinvale_th.jpg Robinvale Unit

Robinvale SES members (L-R) Brad Sutton and Ken Stringer 

150818B_0017 - Swan Hill_th.jpg Swan Hill Unit

Swan Hill SES members (L-R) Darren Barnes and Rob Merrett 

150818B_0014 - Swan Hill RSU_th.jpg Swan Hill Regional Support Unit

Swan Hill Regional Support Unit member Keith Blackman

150818B_0020 - Woomelang_th.jpg Woomelang Unit

Woomelang SES members (L-R) Roslyn Jones and Travis Mitchell

150818B_0002 - Wycheproof_th.jpg Wycheproof Unit

Wycheproof SES members (L-R) Jodi Munro Foord and Cam Arnel