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Latest Mindfit podcast episodes from VICSES Health & Wellbeing team: 

Dr Hannah McDougall

In episode 4 of the VICSES MindFit podcast we chat to our very own Dr Hannah McDougall, previous World Record Holder, team captain of the Australian Paralympian Swim Team, World Cup Paracyclist, PhD holder, VICSES community engagement officer and practiser of mindfulness.

Prof. Karen Douglas

Episode 3 features Karen Douglas, Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Kent, and leading authority on conspiracy theories. 

Assoc. Prof. Tony Walker

Episode 2. As part of VICSES's Movember men's health awareness campaign, we chat with Assoc. Prof. Tony Walker, ambassador of the Prostate Cancer Foundation

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Learning from History - 2010/11 floods

In Episode 4 two female VICSES leaders - Rochester unit controller Judith Gledhill and Horsham unit controller Crystal Sanders - reflect on the effects of the 2010/11 floods, and how the agency has improved since. 

The great Victorian road trip

Episode 3 - a pair of VICSES road crash rescue veterans provide valuable and eye-opening advice to Victorians heading to regional areas this holiday season. This episode features Wodonga Unit Deputy Controller Lisa Wise and Swan Hill Unit Controller Darren Barnes.

The unsung volunteers

Episode 2. Behind every dedicated and brave VICSES volunteer is a network of people making their own sacrifices. The organisation wishes to thank them as part of the annual 'Your Family, Our Family' campaign.

This episode features Broadmeadows volunteer/Orange Knights secretary Shane Taylor and Gisborne unit volunteer Ross Evans - both proud Dads and active VICSES members.

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