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Media representatives can contact the VICSES Media Line on 1300 783 933 between the hours of 6am and 10pm, seven days a week.

During large-scale emergencies, the VICSES Media Line will be available 24 hours. You can also contact the VICSES media team via email at

To showcase the Victoria State Emergency Service, a number of events and campaigns are shared across the year. To view all our latest campaigns, visit our campaigns page.

Latest News

Published 02/08/2021
"He's got a strong sense of social justice and he’s as truthful as the day is long.”
Published 28/07/2021
"Remain vigilant, and stay away from large trees as they can fall without warning”
Published 27/07/2021
"Remain vigilant and be safe"
Published 23/07/2021
"Now is the time to prepare."
Published 22/07/2021
"Their dedication and commitment speaks for itself."
Published 15/07/2021
VICSES Member Tim Isherwood honoured at Hawks home game
Published 15/07/2021
VICSES is aware that Victorians have received phone calls asking for donations on behalf of VICSES for a calendar. It's important to note that VICSES does not seek donations via phone.
VICSES volunteers chatting with a community member in front of a VICSES vehicle
Published 02/07/2021
Without the support of their employers, our volunteers would not be able to do what they do.
SES Emerald volunteers visiting Upwey Primary School
Published 25/06/2021
In emergency management, it’s more important than ever to work together.
VICSES volunteers working with other agencies.