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Media representatives can contact the VICSES Media Line on 1300 783 933 between the hours of 6am and 10pm, seven days a week.

During large-scale emergencies, the VICSES Media Line will be available 24 hours. You can also contact the VICSES media team via email at

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Latest News

"The new design contributes to a safer and more operationally efficient facility for the volunteers."
Now, our RCR volunteers only need three pieces of equipment: a cutter, a spreader, and a combi-tool.
“I am so proud to wear this uniform and to be a part of the orange family."
"38 VICSES volunteers will have the opportunity to take to the field at the MCG."
"A fantastic outcome for our dedicated volunteers."
"It is critical before leaving on long trips to be well rested."
"Remember to take a break if you see a rest stop along your journey."
"Refurbishment works had been ongoing over the course of the last two years"
"We advise the public that flooding may occur overnight Saturday into Sunday."