Managing Your Park Profile

Managing Your Park Profile

Park Details

It is necessary to capture some general details about your park within your Emergency Plan.  This includes:

  • Park Name
  • Addresses
  • Contact Numbers
  • Contact Names (Owner / Manager)
  • Residency Details

Emergency Contacts

In the case of an emergency it is useful to have local contact information readily available within your emergency plan.  This includes numbers for your local SES and CFA units, but also local police, fire and health facilities.

Site Plan

A site plan should be uploaded describing the layout of your caravan park.  As a minimum, your site plan should include:

  • Location of dwellings, cabins and camp sites
  • Amenities
  • Location of emergency equipment (fire extinguishers, first aid kits etc.)
  • Emergency assembly areas (may differ for different hazards)
  • Path of travel to emergency assembly areas
  • Vehicle access including emergency access gates
  • Where you will display warnings information in the caravan park
  • Arrangements for moving vans and where these will be taken
  • Compass (point to north)
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Permanent gas cylinder locations/gas control valves
  • Water tanks, supply valves etc.
  • Septic tank systems, sewer manholes etc

If appropriate you should also provide a short description of your caravan park including details such as:

  • Approximate size
  • Facilities (swimming pool/ playgrounds/ spa etc.)
  • Common activities of visitors (beach/ bushwalking/ lake/ school groups etc.)
  • Busy periods
  • Important details about owners/managers availability.
  • Include any scheduled works or proposed alteration to the current site plan.

View an example caravan park site map