Are you flood ready this high-risk weather season?

Are you flood ready this high-risk weather season?

30/08/2022, 6:20 PM

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has begun preparations for the risk of floods and severe storms this high-risk weather season and Victorians are being urged to start actively preparing too.

Last year was a cold and wet Spring resulting in several major storms, and in 2022 we may see similar conditions as we prepare for a wetter than average season in some parts of the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast above median rainfall through Spring, with the period August to October likely to be above median much of Victoria.

Now is time for individuals, families and communities to start thinking about preparedness – for storms and floods – ahead of spring and summer.

As we get ready for spring, we are already seeing severe weather pass through the state, with hailstorms, heavy rain and strong winds affecting parts of Western and South West Victoria overnight.

VICSES volunteers received over 120 requests for assistance on Tuesday (29th), largely in relation to hail damage and flooding in Mildura, Horsham and Portland.

Our VICSES volunteers are highly skilled and train consistently throughout the year to ensure readiness to respond to emergencies.

Further training and exercises will also be held at both state and local levels to ensure emergency management personnel across the sector remain well trained and prepared.

We are reminding communities prepare for these conditions now, and to understand your local risk. Ensure you have a plan in place and start conversations with your family and household to discuss options in the event of a storm or flood event.

To download your Local Flood Guide, visit:

Ensure to also download the VicEmergency App and set up a Watch Zone for all the latest warnings and advice messaging in your local area.

Quotes attributable to Victoria State Emergency Service Chief Officer, Tim Wiebusch:

“VICSES volunteers are highly trained and will be ready and prepared to respond to requests for assistance to flood and storm events as required, however we are asking communities to also prepare. Make sure you stay informed, and listen to the advice of emergency services as warnings are issued.”

While we are expecting a wetter than average spring in some parts of the state, it’s vital Victorians ensure to never drive on flooded roads. It can take just 15cm of water to float a small car.”

“It’s the single biggest cause of flood related fatalities in this country is people in their vehicles.  Driving through Flood Waters could be the last decision you make.”

“The last two years have been two of the busiest years in our organisation’s history and our SES volunteers have continued to answer the call and I thank each and every one of them for that as they once again prepare for a busy season ahead.”