VICSES Nillumbik Unit’s newly refurbished facility opens

VICSES Nillumbik Unit’s newly refurbished facility opens

02/04/2022, 11:41 AM

Today, the Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) Nillumbik Unit celebrated the official opening of its newly refurbished facility, funded by the Victorian Government’s Emergency Services Refurbishment Fund (ESRF).

Operating out of their newly refurbished facility, located at 58 Susan Street in Eltham, the VICSES Nillumbik Unit has had a busy few years, responding to over 880 Requests for Assistance from local community members in the last 12-months, and 985 calls for help the year before.

Refurbishment works had been ongoing over the course of the last two years, thanks to the ESRF grant of almost $190,000.

As part of the ESFR grant, the recent refurbishment works completed include; a brand new vehicle bay and kitchen, updated drainage and piping, various repair works, and a new security gate and:

  • New roof over the facility - an upgrade from the previous style
  • Fresh paint across the entire facility
  • Repaired veranda to make secure and safe
  • Landscaping of surrounds
  • Repaired and replaced retaining walls and created better water movement.

The refurbishment will enable VICSES' commitment and dedication to the local community and support the retention and recruitment of new volunteers.

Over the years, the unit has received funding from ESVS and VESEP grants as well as other community funding aspects, including the Nillumbik Council, with funds donated from the council to support the unit and help transform the building into a modern and fit for purpose Local Headquarters.

The unit has been in many locations since its establishment in June 1985. Since this refurbishment work, the unit is now better placed to serve the community than it has ever been before, with a fit for purpose Local Headquarters.

VICSES volunteers support local communities when they need it most. Whether it’s flood rescue – or land searches, road rescues, clearing trees, or assisting other emergency service agencies in their important work.

VICSES volunteers give up their own time to serve the local community, they deserve modern fit for purpose facilities and equipment to continue their important work safely and effectively, now and into the future.

If you would like to join or would like more information on what it means to be a VICSES volunteer, visit: