VICSES led community information sessions to help locals prepare for a wet Spring

VICSES led community information sessions to help locals prepare for a wet Spring

28/09/2022, 2:38 PM

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) invites community members to attend one of many Get Flood Ready Community Information Sessions, to be held across various locations across the North East region.


With the Bureau of Meteorology having declared a La Niña event, now is the time for communities to focus efforts on preparation, especially those at risk.


Last year’s wetter spring prompted several major storms, and this year may bring similar conditions. With already-wet river catchments, we need to prepare communities for possible flooding.


These sessions are important for community members to attend, to understand local risks and activities they can undertake to prepare now.


Communities can prepare for large-scale weather events by cleaning gutters, downpipes and drains, charging back-up generators and lights, keeping an emergency kit in each household, staying in touch with vulnerable neighbours.


By preparing for emergencies, communities enable their local VICSES volunteers to prioritise life-threatening emergencies, focus on opening up roads and railways, and even assist neighbouring units.


These community information sessions will also be a great opportunity for locals to interact with VICSES staff and volunteers, and ask any questions you may have about your emergency kit, and risks local to your area. These sessions will also include sandbagging demonstrations to display good sandbag techniques: how to fill, how full, and how to lay.


Meetings take place at 5:30pm on weekdays, and 10:30am, on Saturdays, with the next one tonight in Myrtleford at the Savoy Club, and; on Thursday in Benalla, at the Senior Citizens’ Club, Fawckner Drive. 


To download your Local Flood Guide, visit:


The VicEmergency App is able to set up a watch zone with up-to-date warnings and advice in your local area.


Quotes attributable to Tim Wiebusch, Chief Officer, Operations:


“Having a plan means that when the time to act comes you can think clearly and make better decisions.”


“Get ready before the rain falls. We know this spring is expected to be wetter than average. Understanding your risk and early preparation is the best defence against storms that may result in flooding.”


“Given the forecasts, we’re asking customers to be as prepared as possible for power outages in case they do occur, because as we saw last Spring, the impacts can be significant.”