Rescue Boat Deckhand

VICSES is the agency responsible for managing flood operations. Rescue boats are often used in searches, rescues and logistics during floods. 

A qualified Deckhand works in a crew of at least two people and has the required basic knowledge and skills for crewing and helming a rescue boat.  This is an important role in units located on the coast or in areas where there are lakes and inland waterways or locations prone to flooding.

Key tasks

  • Assisting rescue boat launch and retrieval.
  • Performing basic helming activities under the direction of the Coxswain.
  • Maintaining lookout during search activities.
  • Assisting with the loading/porting of cargo. 

A reasonable level of fitness is required to maintain personal safety.  

Unit locations requiring this capability

Units across the state, particularly those close to inland lakes and rivers require this role.  

What you will love about this role

  • Participating in on-water rescue and search activities.
  • Working within a motivated team to achieve exceptional outcomes. 

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