VICSES Emergency Plans

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) is the control agency for flood, storm, tsunami earthquake and landslide in Victoria, managing responses to these emergencies and helping communities to prepare through effective planning and community engagement activities.

VICSES has a coordination role to facilitate the development of emergency plans for these hazards at State, Regional and Municipal tiers.

State Emergency Plans

Click on the hazard icons below to find each plan:

Flood        Storm        Earthquake        Tsunami         Landslide


State Emergency Plans contain information on:

  • Responsibilities of key agencies regarding prevention, preparedness, response and recovery
  • Regional and local level emergency planning requirements
  • Specific requirements for emergency activities (e.g. warning, evacuation)
  • Operational structures and staff responsibilities

Regional Emergency Plans

Regional plans are under development in 2018 and will be published as soon as they are available. 

Click on the hazard icons below to find each plan:

Central - Regional Emergency Plans

Flood  Storm  Earthquake  


East - Regional Emergency Plans



North East - Regional Emergency Plans



North West - Regional Emergency Plans



Mid West - Regional Emergency Plans



South West - Regional Emergency Plans




Regional Emergency Plans contain information on:

  • Coordination of responses between municipalities
  • Provision and allocation of resources
  • Operational structures
  • Inter-agency coordination
  • Control arrangements


Municipal Emergency Management Plans

Under the Emergency Management Act 1986, municipal councils must prepare and maintain a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP). For a copy of your local MEMP, contact your local council.

VICSES currently plays a role to audit each MEMP at least once every three years. For the most up to date MEMP audit material click here.  

Municipal Flood Emergency Plans 

As a sub-plan to the MEMP, VICSES leads the development of Municipal Flood Emergency Plans (MFEPs) (templates available here). These flood plans include previous flood information and assist councils and emergency management agencies to best support flood events across a municipal footprint before, during and after they occur.

For background outlining the recent MFEP enhancement project click here.

Those MFEPs that are available to the public can be found here along with any community centred local flood guides within that municipality. 

Other Hazards

State and Regional Emergency Plans for hazards where VICSES has a supporting role can be accessed through the Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) website.

Hazard-specific preparedness information