Cat-astrophe averted

Cat-astrophe averted

Two kittens were rescued from a storm drain over the weekend by volunteers from Victoria State Emergency Service’s Footscray Unit.


Six volunteers attended a ‘rescue animal’ call in Brimbank on Sunday to discover the cats who were clearly hot and bothered in the 40 degree heat.

SES Member Lachlan Stott said that, luckily, the kittens were within reach once the drain lid was removed.

"(They) were meowing extremely loudly and shaking through what we expect was a mixture of fear, exhaustion and the heat,” he said.

“After we had both kittens we offered them water and put them inside one of the vehicles with the air con on so they would start to cool down. We closed up the storm water drain and one of our members drove them to Lort Smith in the city for a check-up.”

The kittens are on their way to a foster home ahead of going up for adoption and are feline fine.

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