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The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) recognises the value of its brand and the communities that we reach.

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AAMI has been a proud Principal Community Partner of VICSES since 2003, and has seen AAMI generously donate over $9 million in contributions to support the incredible work of our VICSES volunteers.

AAMI is a brand and subsidiary group of Suncorp Group. Their community investment strategy focuses on making a positive impact on the most material issues facing Suncorp Group, specifically financial, social, and natural hazard resilience.

As part of our new partnership agreement, AAMI will be supporting our 15 to Float initiative. This will include providing funding for a refreshed campaign look and feel, alongside the development of augmented reality capability to improve the impact and effectiveness of the campaign, which will ultimately reduce risk on our roads and create safer communities – together.

“We hope our partnership with VICSES continues to increase the connectedness, inclusion and preparedness of our community to respond to natural disasters, which reduces the physical and psychosocial impact, enabling them to recover more quickly,” said Head of AAMI, Joshua Kelland.

Over the 19 years of the partnership, some key highlights have included:

  • Annual joint launch events for the AAMI Equipment Handovers across the state.

  • 20,197 pieces of equipment distributed as part of the AAMI Equipment Program.

  • Launch and delivery of campaigns featuring AAMI including 15 to Float, Bag it, block it, lift it and leave, Safer Communities, our flood and storm preparation campaigns, Neighbour Day and the Driver Reviver program.

  • Events for community engagement and volunteer development, both internally and with other agencies.

“I cannot thank AAMI enough for their support through the equipment program over the years, and look forward to bringing our new community program to the state, together,” said VICSES CEO Stephen Griffin of the partnership.

One thing is for sure: Lucky we’re with AAMI! Find out more about the AAMI and their community partnerships on their website.

Becoming a partner or sponsoring VICSES involves the provision of money, goods or services to VICSES, in return for agreed commercial benefits. VICSES sponsorships are customised to ensure the relationship is successful for both parties, and long-term partnerships are preferred.

Corporate organisations interested in developing a relationship with us are encouraged to get in contact to discuss opportunities.

Please phone (03) 9256 9000 during business hours, or email media@ses.vic.gov.au.