Women in Rescue

Women in Rescue (WIR) is a training event that is designed to provide women with the opportunity to get hands-on with equipment, build on rescue skills, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

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Women in Rescue 2022Historically, training and the use of the tools within the emergency services space has been male
dominated, and hasn’t taken always taken into consideration the specific needs of female members.

WIR is designed to help modify training techniques to suit all members with varying strengths and capabilities, and to empower women to showcase their skills in contributing to the safety of our communities.

The objectives of WIR are:

  • To build confidence in women in all roles associated with rescue.

  • To increase familiarity with rescue tools through more ‘hands on tools’ time.

  • To provide a positive, welcoming, and challenging learning environment.

  • To expand the leadership capacity and networking opportunities of women in our emergency services.

  • To celebrate women in the rescue space.


Women in Rescue 2022 from Victoria State Emergency Service on Vimeo.

VICSES Sunbury Unit held the first ever WIR event at their local headquarters in 2018. Due to its success, the event has significantly expanded every year to accommodate more attendees.

Heading into 2022, WIR is going state-wide, with six events held simultaneously across Victoria.


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