Training for new volunteers

Safety drives decisions at VICSES, and as such, our volunteers must be trained in providing a safe and healthy workplace for themselves, their fellow volunteers, and their community before commencing in their roles.

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To volunteer for VICSES, applicants first go through a selection and screening process to ensure they understand the role and can meet the time commitments required for training and performing volunteer duties.


Upon your successful application to become a volunteer with VICSES you will receive nationally recognised and competency-based training and support to ensure you are skilled and capable to perform your role. 

This begins with fundamentals training which is typically spread over six sessions at your allocated unit (generally Mondays or Tuesdays). This training provides essential safety skills, rescue organisation and planning knowledge, understanding of communications equipment, and more, and must be completed prior to attending any requests for assistance or using equipment.

Specialist learning pathways

Learning pathways for further development are also available for you once you have completed your initial training. You can nominate for specialist roles that might be available in your unit such as Road Crash Rescue, boating, community engagement, urban search and rescue, and more.

These specialist courses are completed through a mix of online and face to face training at a pace and time that best suits you, and are generally held over the weekends to accommodate our volunteers as best as possible. Depending on the specialist role you choose, it may take a number of sessions over a number of months to be fully qualified to undertake that role. 

Some roles however, including finance, and social media, do not require specialist training, allowing you to leverage the skills and expertise you already have. Check out the different roles available when volunteering at VICSES.

You and your family will also have access to a broad range of physical and mental health and wellbeing programs. These include health checks, vaccinations, healthy eating initiatives, mental health support and education, fitness programs, workers' compensation, supportive return to work arrangements and peer support.

We welcome your interest in becoming a volunteer with VICSES. To register your interest, complete the online enquiry form today.