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Latest News

Published 27/09/2021
"It was a priority job and, I felt, hard to ignore.”
Published 23/09/2021
“All of us at the Nillumbik unit wish the young boy a speedy recovery, so he can continue to enjoy his school holidays.”
Published 23/09/2021
“With high winds expected over the weekend we would encourage people not to park under trees, as they may be compromised.”
Published 22/09/2021
"Expect aftershocks, and ensure to stay away from damaged buildings and other hazards."
Published 17/09/2021
"Trucks can be really hard to deal with, so we were lucky we could cut a hole through the roof"
Published 17/09/2021
"With 50 active members, volunteers from the VICSES Knox Unit are among the most active in Victoria"
Published 15/09/2021
“A good first-aid person is as good as a nurse in situations like that."
Published 13/09/2021
"It’s great to be a part of a community that bands together.”
Published 10/09/2021
Stephen was joined by Tanya Monro, Chief Defence Scientist from the Department of Defence to discuss “the behaviour you walk past”