Requests for Assistance (RFA)

Experience shows that those who plan and prepare for emergencies can reduce the impact of the emergency, and can recover quickly afterwards.

On this page:

The request for assistance (RFA) dashboard displays VICSES requests by hazard for the previous 24 hours. The RFA totals displays all requests for assistance over the month, year and year to date.

The second chart below is the timeline view which displays RFAs by hour for the previous 24 hours. Data can also be displayed by region.

For further information please contact the VICSES Media Line on 1300 783 933.

Click on a region box in the region share of RFAs section to narrow down the view to the selected region.

Region codes include:

CL (Central) NW (North West) MW (Mid West) NE (North East) SW (South West) and ET (East)