Neighbour Day

At VICSES, we pride ourselves on being a part of our communities. Getting to know your neighbours may help in an emergency situation, providing another support as well as VICSES.

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Research shows those who have strong relationships within their communities and with their neighbours are more likely to help one another and have better outcomes when faced with emergencies.

That’s why VICSES is supporting Neighbour Day – Relationships Australia’s annual celebration of community with the aim of fostering strong personal connections that last the whole year-round. By looking out for one another, we can continue to create safer communities - together



“Community and connectedness and culture go hand in hand. It’s a way to show respect and also a way of identifying who we are and where we come from. This sense of belonging and connectedness to family and community - is central to our culture.” 

Natalie Ahmat, Neighbour Day Ambassador





Connected communities

Neighbour Day increases people’s sense of neighbourhood identification, satisfaction and belonging. This creates connected communities.

80% say their neighbours have been a source of support during the pandemic* 

All Australians are supported to achieve positive and respectful relationships

Neighbour Day promotes the importance of respectful relationships. These tangible feelings of support lead to changes in mental health and wellbeing. Identifying with multiple communities creates localised support networks - In times of physical distancing, this is especially important. 


As proud supporters of Neighbour Day, there are many ways to create or maintain connections with your neighbours, which can make a positive difference. This could include: 

  • Checking in on neighbours over the fence, phone or via text.

  • Leaving a note or calling card with a kind message and your contact details.

  • Providing neighbours with a household or food item if you have extra you can spare.

  • Joining a local online community/neighbourhood group.

In the current pandemic environment, it has never been as important to maintain social connections and look out for one another.

For more ideas and information, visit the Neighbour Day website.