School visits

Our Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) volunteers run free visits to Victorian primary schools, to ensure our young students know how to stay safe in an emergency.

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VICSES recognises that children and young people can make substantial contributions to household and community resilience.

The aim of the school visit is to assist primary and secondary students to develop an understanding and awareness of the dangers of floods and storms, and learn practical ways to prepare for severe weather events.

The school visit engages students in an interactive, collaborative learning experience and can be tailored to different age groups. The program runs for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Learn how to plan and effectively respond to emergencies at school, and head to our plan and stay safe page or our educational activities page for more. Further questions? Email the VICSES Community Engagement Team at

Gardenvale Primary School visit 1 Gardenvale Primary School visit 2
Gardenvale Primary School visit 3 Gardenvale Primary School visit 4

School visits booking form

How to book:

Please fill in the online request form below and the team will be in touch to book a free school visit/incursion, pending availability of VICSES members.

Do you have a specific date or time that you would prefer the visit to take place? Whilst we will endeavour to meet your preferred date,
please allow three weeks lead time for your session.
Do you have a preference as to what program you would like to receive?
The school programs also offers extension activities that cover earthquakes and tsunamis. Would you be interested in including either of these programs?
Please list any further information about your school that might be relevant (for example, is your school at risk of or recently affected
by floods, storms or any other emergency event?)