Create an emergency plan

Experience shows that those who plan and prepare for emergencies can reduce the impact of the emergency, and can recover quickly afterwards.

On this page:

There are simple and practical steps you can take to protect yourself, the people you love, and the things you value most. Do one simple thing – create an emergency plan using:

You can download your Rediplan template by visiting the Australian Red Cross website.

Have you packed your emergency kit?

Be ready if a flood or storm hits. Create an emergency kit – it’s easy.

Have these essential items on hand and make sure your kit is in an easy to grab spot if you lose power or have to evacuate quickly. Having your emergency kit at the ready will help you stay connected with the basics you’ll need.

Here's what to pack:

  • Radio (battery-powered)

  • Torches

  • A supply of batteries (multiple sizes)

  • Device chargers (solar-powered and standard)

  • Mobile phone

  • Food - basic staples that don't require heating or cooling

  • Bottled water

  • Warm, waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes

  • Spare medication, prescriptions

  • A first aid kit

  • Pet essentials

  • Cash and a printed copy of your RediPlan