Imagine a place where you can take your career in a whole range of different directions. We employ people in challenging and interesting jobs at all levels in Melbourne and across Victoria. 

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Our renewed values reflect who we are today, and as we evolve, and through our people and strategic enablers, VICSES is committed to remaining a sustainable organisation that takes us into the future.

We pride ourselves on our credibility

  • We pride ourselves on delivering on our promises and commitments, and in doing the right thing consistent with our values

  • We are responsive, trustworthy, skilled, and respectful in our actions

We are part of our community

  • We take a proactive, supportive, and empathetic approach to achieve community outcome

  • We collaborate with our communities and partners, sharing knowledge and expertise

  • We ensure we are integrated, connected, and engaged with our community

Safety drives our decisions

  • We empower our people to work within their capability to ensure we don’t compromise the safety of our people and the community

  • We promote open and honest conversations about the health and wellbeing of our people

Focused and Adaptable

  • We are disciplined in achieving our objectives; adaptable in our approach

  • We recognise and respect the diversity of our capability

  • We channel our resources to achieve results

Together we are VICSES

  • We share a common purpose working together without fear, favour, or prejudice

  • We acknowledge that all our people contribute to, and enhance our ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies

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