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Local Flood Guides can help you better understand your flood risk, how flood warnings work and how to prepare yourself, your home or your business.

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Flood Warnings

VICSES adopted the Australian Warning System for flood in December 2021.

The Australian Warning System (AWS) is a nationally consistent, three-tiered approach designed to make warnings clearer and lead people to take action ahead of severe weather events. The warning system comprises warning levels, action statements, hazard icons, colours and shapes per the table below.

For more information on warnings, visit What to do in an emergency

For more information on the Australian Warning System – visit https://www.australianwarningsystem.com.au/

Warning levels for flood

 Warning levels

Emergency warning - red
Emergency warning - red


You are in imminent danger and need to take action now. You will be impacted.

A Major flood warning usually fits into this category.

Watch and act - orange
Watch and act - orange


An emergency is developing nearby. You need to take action now to protect yourself and others.

A Moderate flood warning usually fits into this category.

Advice - yellow
Advice - yellow


An incident is occurring or has occurred in the area. Access information and monitor conditions.

A Minor flood warning or Flood Watch usually fits into this category.

In some copies of Local Flood Guides you will see the original set of warning names and icons. Since the implementation of the AWS, this has been updated and you will now see change in name of a ‘Warning’ to a ‘Watch & Act’ and new style of symbols (as per table above).




If an evacuation is recommended, you will be guided to do so in the action statement in the warning
Prepare to evacuate
Prepare to evacuate


An evacuation is recommended or procedures are in place to evacuate


Additional messages

Additional Messages

Community information icon
Community information


Can be used as a notification that an incident has occurred but there is no threat to the community; or to issue a newsletter containing updates for communities affected by an emergency.

Emergency Alert
Emergency alert


During some emergencies, we may alert communities by sounding a local siren, or by sending an SMS to mobile phones or a voice message to landlines.


Local Flood Guide community consultation

The following Local Flood Guides are open for community consultation:

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 Moonee Valley Local Flood Guide


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Local Flood Guides: 30 second video from Victoria State Emergency Service on Vimeo.