Driver Reviver premium Pit Stops a success

Driver Reviver premium Pit Stops a success

This year, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has been trialing a new model to encourage motorists to stop revive and survive by enticing them with free barista coffees, bottled water, games, and giveaways.

These Pit Stops have proved to be an enormous success with record levels of attendance recorded at some of the most popular stops.

The Stratford Driver Reviver Site had more than 500 people at the site during the Queens birthday long weekend.

This was the second occasion Stratford SES and TAC had combined to run the event which proved to be an outstanding success with some attendees having previously enjoyed the stopover whilst travelling through Stratford on Easter Friday. One attendee had intentionally scheduled their trip to include the site for their dinner break, as at Easter time the whole family had enjoyed the stopover so much.

Stratford SES & TAC ran numerous activities catering for young and old, some of which included: outdoor jenga, onsite barista, photo booth, barbeque, handball competition and an acoustic sing-along while people circulated and drank their tea and coffee.

Another attendee paid tribute to the Driver Reviver site saying “the atmosphere at the site was warm and inviting, people weren’t just stopping for a quick coffee, they were relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and having a decent break and the barista coffee was equivalent to what you could expect to find at a top café.”

George Kircos the Unit Controller of Stratford Unit said, “It was fun and we were so happy to see over 500 people taking the time to have a break with many people enjoying the activities and staying a lot longer than the usual 15 minutes to drink their tea or coffee.”

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