Fundraising for Victoria State Emergency Service

Fundraising for Victoria State Emergency Service

Published: 08/03/2017

Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) relies on donations and grant funding to continue the great service our volunteers provide to keep Victorians safer - together.

When VICSES volunteers collect donations from their communities, they wear full uniform and carry photo identification identifying them as volunteers from their local VICSES Unit. Volunteers run authorised tin-shakes and fundraising stalls in their communities, but currently do not solicit funds via phone calls.

Your donations mean we can run units in regions throughout Victoria, provide and maintain equipment, train volunteers in emergency response and rescue activities and to support working with our communities and partners to achieve more aware, informed and prepared communities. .  

Your donations do make a difference. Please consider donating directly to your local unit.

If you want to donate to VICSES please visit our website to find out how to donate, sponsor or develop a business partnership.

Verify the caller

Whenever anyone asks for donations on our behalf, always check their credentials. We encourage you to verify the caller to ensure they are part of a legitimate campaign.

Unfortunately, we sometimes receive scam call complaints, especially after an emergency. Not all callers are legitimate. Verifying the caller is important.

Because the Victoria State Emergency Service does not cold call for donations, we have no way of identifying if they are legitimate because the service is not running a call campaign.

When you donate directly to a unit, our units report back to Victoria State Emergency Service about how they allocate those funds and use them to create safer communities - together.

Contact us.

Fundraising activities of our volunteer association VESA

Many of our volunteer units are part of an association called the Victoria Emergency Services Volunteer Association (VESA). VESA is a not for profit organistion run by volunteers. VESA works to advocate for VICSES volunteers, actively supporting unit leadership teams and in engaging cooperatively with VICSES management and government.

VESA have partnered with a national body called the National State Emergency Services Volunteer Association (NSESVA).

VESA have advised that in partnership with the National State Emergency Service Volunteer Association (NSESVA), a raffle for the benefit of all SES Associations is currently underway in every State and Territory.  See the article on page nine published in Phoenix Magazine, which is the official journal of VESA, in December 2016.

VESA has advised that Victorian residents may be cold-called to ask if they would like to purchase raffle tickets through representatives of OneContact, the national sales company commissioned by NSESVA to run the raffle. Our understanding is that these raffles will run throughout the year. Any questions in relation to NSESVA fundraising and raffle activities should be directed to Faye Bendrups, Independent Chair of VESA via; or alternatively further details on the raffle are available at

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