Protecting Cultural Heritage Values During Emergencies

Protecting Cultural Heritage Values During Emergencies

Aboriginal cultural heritage is present in a variety forms throughout Victoria. Ensuring that there are adequate and consistent processes for the management and protection of Aboriginal cultural values during an emergency is important at all stages of preparedness, incident management and relief and recovery.  It should be an integral part of an emergency management response to try and avoid, or minimise, impacts on Aboriginal cultural heritage wherever possible.

VICSES is a key partner in the Emergency Management Cultural Heritage Working Group, working with other agencies and stakeholders to improve the emergency management sector’s understanding and application of measures to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Russell Mullett has recently been engaged through joint agency funding to develop and deliver guidelines and other tools for incident management personnel to ensure they are better equipped to implement successful protection measures for Aboriginal cultural heritage during emergencies.  Russell is a descendent of the Kurnai traditional owners of Gippsland and is a Bairnsdale local with over 30 years’ experience in heritage protection.  VICSES looks forward to working with Russell as the sector continues to improve Aboriginal cultural heritage protection outcomes.

Photo:  VICSES Deputy Chief Officer - David Baker, EMV Emergency Management Technical Advisor Cultural Heritage Values -Russell Mullett, FFMV Assistant Chief Fire Officer - Allyson Lardner, Parks Victoria Director Fire and Emergency - David Nugent.

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