Traffic management during emergencies

Traffic management during emergencies

he guidelines for Traffic Management Points have recently been revised.

During an emergency, it is often necessary to temporarily close roads and set up Traffic Management Points (TMP). TMPs are put in place for the safety of both community members and emergency services personnel and may be put in place for a number of reasons including:

    - The road is inaccessible due to fire or flood
    - Dangerous trees or debris cover the road
    - The road has suffered damage or destruction due to a hazard
    - Roads need to closed to allow emergency service vehicle access

These guidelines have recently been revised to allow greater access for those who wish to protect their properties, provide care to others or feed and attend to livestock or crops. These exceptions only apply where safe and appropriate.

For further information about TMPs and the key changes please see the documents below:

    - TMP Information sheet.pdf (66 KB)

    - TMP Frequently asked questions.pdf (87 KB)

To find out what roads have been closed during an emergency please visit the VicRoads website or download the VicTraffic free app.

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