Emergency Management Sector

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has an important role supporting Victoria's emergency management arrangements through planning and preparedness activities.
It does this by assisting municipal councils and other agencies with the provision of advice, information, education and training in relation to emergency management, including the prevention of, response to, and recovery from emergencies.

Municipal Emergency Management (EM) Planning

Under the Victoria State Emergency Service Act 2005, a key function of VICSES is to assist municipal councils in relation to the performance and exercise of their duties under the Emergency Management Act 1986. VICSES does this through various programmes that support Councils in meeting their legislative obligations. Learn more about Municipal Emergency Management (EM) Planning.

VICSES Emergency Plans

VICSES is the control agency for flood, storm, tsunami and earthquake in Victoria, managing responses to these emergencies and helping communities to prepare through planning and education. Additionally, VICSES supports various other agencies before, during and after an emergency. Learn more about VICSES Emergency Plans.