Flood information for the Loddon Shire Council, encompassing local flood guides and a Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.

SES has developed Local Flood Guides to explain local flood risks for communities at risk. This includes advice for communities on how to prepare and respond to flood events and who to contact in the event of a flood.

Flood history

The Loddon Shire is located on a flood plain and is therefore subject to flooding from time to time, while engineering strategies have been implemented within some towns to reduce the impact of flooding. Flooding throughout the Loddon river district is characterised by large expanses of slow moving water, and due to the extremely flat terrain even minor flooding can inundate areas within the region.

The lead time to respond to a flood event may be limited. All households and businesses at risk of flooding should develop an emergency plan and beware of their flood risk.

Local Flood Guides


Municipal Flood Emergency Plan

The Loddon Flood Emergency Plan will be updated soon.

SES Units

Your local SES units are:

  • Wedderburn SES Unit: Lot 2 Nardoo Court Wedderburn 3518
  • Marong SES Unit: 32 Cathcart Street Marong Victoria 3551

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