Landslides in Victoria

Landslides happen often in Victoria. Large landslides are most common after bushfires or flash flooding.  Over 180 landslides occurred along the length of the Great Ocean Road in 2016, and over 190 landslides within the Grampians National Park in 2011. Both of these events resulted in significant impacts on public infrastructure, tourism and the economy.

What to do in a landslide?

  • If you notice considerable changes to the landscape that may indicate movement, contact the landowner, road authority or local government immediately. For emergency assistance from VICSES, call 132 500 or Triple Zero (000) in life threatening emergencies. 
  • You need to act quickly if a landslide occurs: 
  • If you are outside during a landslide, move away quickly and keep clear of embankments, trees, powerlines and poles. 
  • If you are inside during a landslide, move to the part of the building that is furthest away from the approaching landslide and take shelter under a table or bench.
  • Stay away from the landslide – the slope may continue to move for hours to days afterwards.