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Caravan Park Information

The Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) in partnership with Victorian emergency management organisations, has developed a template to assist Victorian caravan park owners create an emergency management plan (EMP) for their parks.

The Caravan Park EMP template and guidance manual include suggestions, examples and fact sheets to assist in the development of a plan. On completion of the template, caravan park operators will have identified the major risks to their parks by conducting a risk assessment and listed treatments that can reduce the impact of the risk.

The Caravan Park EMP template can be used in one of three ways:

1. Online tool

This tool will guide you step-by-step to produce a plan. Hyperlinks and fact sheets are provided throughout the process to assist you. All your details will be stored in the tool so you can log in and update your plan whenever you need. Once completed, you can download your plan as a pdf document and send it to your local council.

Please note: the online tool is currently unavailable due to a system upgrade. Current users will be notified when the tool is available.

2. Hard copy template and guideline manual

Download and print the template and fill it in using a pen or pencil. You will have to photocopy the plan and send it to your council once you have completed it. A guidelines manual accompanies the template to assist you. If you would prefer to have a printed copy of the template and guidelines posted to you please email:

3. Word document template and guideline manual

Download the template and fill it in using Microsoft Word.  You can save your plan on your computer and send it to your local council once you have completed it.

FloodSafe information for caravan parks

Many Victorian caravan parks are built on floodplains, therefore owners, residents and occupiers need to be aware of the potential for their caravan park to flood and the evacuation an van re-location arrangements for when it does. For information on how to stay safe during floods take a look at  the factsheet:

VICSES has developed local flood guides to inform communities that are at high risk of flooding. To check if your community has a guide, go to the local flood information page.